There is no question that some drivers have a less than positive opinion about taking their vehicle to a dealership for service and maintenance. There is a stigma out there that dealerships have a history of overcharging while failing to deliver or service. This is a stigma we fight everyday here at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford.

Our service and parts crew get a lot of compliments from clients and one of them is, “You guys aren’t like any other dealer service center I’ve ever been to.” We know what that means when we hear it and we appreciate it. The staff at our service center focus on the customer first and foremost. When we have a vehicle in our bays, the number one concern of our technicians is that every vehicle leaves our premises so that it operates as safely as possible on the road for drivers and their passengers. And our number one concern when we have a customer at our service counter is that he or she leave satisfied with the work performed.

This combination has led to our becoming one of the highest rated and fastest growing service centers in the area for quite some time. Year after year, positive word of mouth in the community turns into new customers who drive vehicles from all sorts of manufacturers, foreign and domestic (Yes, we do service every make and model here at the shop!).

If you are ever curious about the safety measures we take here at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford, feel free to ask for a service manager because if it is important to you, it is important to us.