There are few more frustrating feelings than having your car break down. Whether you are right around the corner from home or miles and miles away, the feeling in your gut is truly awful when your car gives up the ghost. More likely than not, you are not a mechanic so you will be calling for a tow or at the very least for a ride. So, what is the safest way to handle a breakdown when you are on the road?

  • The first thing your should do is coast along the shoulder of the road until you get to a place that is far from blind curves or hills. On the chance that you will get your vehicle moving again, you will want some room to get back on the roadway and avoid being rear-ended.
  • If you are broken down in the middle of a major roadway and unable to get to the side of the road, things can get dangerous. Remember, it is better to stay in your vehicle and let traffic pile up behind you while you wait for emergency vehicles than to negotiate crossing several lanes of traffic on foot.
  • It is important to indicate to other drivers that your vehicle is broken down. Hazard lights and a white shirt or rag out of the driver’s side window will help to alert drivers that they should drive around your vehicle.
  • At night, if you are in a low traffic area, you should place reflective markers or warning lights behind your vehicle to alert other drivers.
  • Remember, trying to repair your car or change a tire should only occur if you are safely away from traffic.

All of us at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford invite you to be as safe as possible on the road.