Even though the calendar (finally) says Spring, this past winter certainly took its time leaving town. May we all cross our fingers that we have seen the last snow in the Delaware Valley until at least December. This winter, specifically January and March, put a whooping on a great many of our customers’ vehicles. Dead batteries. Bent wheel rims, Flat tires. Wobbly alignments. We have seen it all in the last couple months. Now that PennDOT is making their way through the area working on potholes, we can safely crawl out from our bunkers and get ready for the Spring and Summer driving season.

So what should you be thinking about to be sure your car is ready for the road as the temps heat up?

  • First, let’s get clean. Your vehicle could likely use a thorough wash and wax. It’s even a good time to get an undercarriage wash at the local car wash. You see, all that salt used throughout the winter to deice the roads has been creeping up throughout your undercarriage, drying and could lead to rust if left unchecked. Seeing that it is rinsed away and waxing your vehicle will prep the car for the coming season of sun and pollen.
  • Next, let’s check the fluids. Now that the tough season is behind us, it is easy to neglect our cars , trucks and SUVs. Be sure to check coolant, motor oil, transmission and power steering fluids so that you can ensure safe operation into Spring
  • Time to change windshield wipers? You know darn well that your wipers took a beating this past winter. Spring and summer rains come fast and furious. Make sure you have wipers to do the job when wet weather arrives.
  • Tire Check? Yes. Congratulations if you made it through winter without having to replace or repair your tires. Apart from the normal wear that tires see throughout the winter, they also tend to have improper wear this time of year. Due to so many potholes, your steering alignment can be thrown off resulting in improper wear on tires. As we move further into spring, stopping a vehicle can get tricky when pollen combines with rain on road surfaces, Make sure your tires are up to the task.
  • Test AC before you NEED it. Yup. Test your air conditioning: Go full blast with it on cool to make sure it is responding as intended. Better to know now than when you first have to use it on a warm day.

At Quick Lane at Garnet Ford, we are happy to help out with all of your seasonal automotive service needs. Call or stop by today so we can get your vehicle running its best!