We’re so happy to hear that our customers are hitting the road this summer for trips near and far. We have already heard about some super cool road trips and family vacations to Canada, Maine, South Carolina, Florida and of course the Jersey Shore!

Before you go, make sure you follow a few of these safety tips to ensure safe traveling on those epic summer road trips.

  • A well maintained car is always the best choice for a road trip. If a vehicle has not had regular maintenance, be sure to bring it to an ASE certified mechanic before you hit to road.
  • Safety first. Make sure car seats and child safety seats are in proper working condition so that your younger trekkers have a safe trip too.
  • Always keep safety provisions in the car in case of breakdown or accident. This would include no-perishable food, blankets, flashlight, white towel, water, maps, batteries, etc. You never know when or where you will have an emergency.
  • Check your tires for proper tread depth and tire pressure.
  • Slow down. Slow down in unfamiliar areas. Heck, slow down in familiar areas. All roads are packed in the summertime with all kinds of drivers. Take it easy.

We wish you all a great trip this summer if you are hitting the roads!