Here in Glen Mills, Brookhaven, Garnet Valley and Aston, we are still cleaning up from last week’s wicked wind and rain that left much of the Route 1 corridor a mess. Let us all hope that we do not see too much more of that sort of weather for the remainder of the summer season. Safe driving during the summer actually begins before we get in the vehicle. Make sure that your car has a safety kit complete with road flares, a flash light, blanket and a bottle of water. Regarding your vehicle itself, be sure that brakes, tires and windshield wipers are all in proper working order or have a Quick Lane specialist give them a check for you. You will need all three of these systems on your vehicle in a position to perform when summer storms roll in.

If you find yourself caught on the road in a summer storm, remain calm and take it slow. If things get bad enough, by all means pull over with your lights or flashers on and wait it out. If you come to a traffic light that is out, treat it like a stop sign. Never ever ever try to drive through a flooded area of roadway. We know of a number of folks who did some damage to vehicles this past week trying to negotiate uncleared roads at speeds that were simply too high to react to debris in the roadway.

We invite everyone to be careful out there this summer and if you have any questions, you can always rely on one of our service professionals to answer them for you.