At Quick Lane at Garnet Ford, we care deeply that we are giving great service to our customers and doing so at prices that are fair. More than business, more than dollars and cents, ultimately the most important aspect of what we do each and every day is people. Our employees, vendors and clients in a great many cases are like family. We urge all of you in the Quick Lane at Garnet Ford family to take extra time with the younger drivers in your families this time of the year. AAA has deemed this time between late spring and the beginning of September the 100 Deadliest Days to draw attention to the higher instances of fatalities as a result of teen involved car accidents over the summer months.

Experts say that in addition to a sheer increase in the amount of time teens spend on the road this time of year (as a result of not being in school) there are a number of other factors that contribute to the massive uptick in fatal accidents including drugs, alcohol, inexperience and distracted driving from passengers or electronics. One of the most interesting pieces that experts volunteered is that as humans, our frontal lobes do not fully mature until we are approximately 23 years old. This is the area of the brain responsible for decision making and risk taking. This is one factor that might explain why some teen drivers make unfortunate decisions behind the wheel. In any case, the numbers really do speak for themselves and we do ask that you do everything in your power to keep yourself, your family and passengers safe on the roads this summer.