Bringing your vehicle to a safe stop is easier said than done, believe it or not. The average family sedan weighs about 3500 lbs. before we fill it with people and groceries and for years auto makers like Ford have been improving the technology which allows for safe stopping in almost any condition. From innovations in suspension to how weight is distributed throughout the construction of vehicles, generations of engineers have been creating new ways to make this part of the driving experience safer with each model year launch.

What can you do to make sure that your vehicle comes to a safe stop while you are on the roadways? For one, make sure you are paying attention behind the wheel and taking it easy on the gas pedal. Among the top leading causes of accidents these days are speeding and distracted driving (usually from a phone). But, it is also important to make sure your vehicle’s tires and brakes are in proper working order as well. Here at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford, we nearly always have specials on one or both of these products. We invite you to check out our specials and stop by our shop or make an appointment over the phone so that you can save money while ensuring your vehicle is safe on the roads while you are driving