What is it about the fall season that has folks cracking up their vehicles out there on the roads? Isn’t summer synonymous with being the Driving Season? Why is it such a dangerous time to be driving this time of year?

Well, let’s start with the namesake of the season. Fall. What is falling? Leaves and temperatures. Wet leaves and aggressive driving don’t mix. This is also the time of the year when we see our first inch or two of snow or a touch of ice and everyone seemingly forgets how to drive or exercise caution. As temps drop, it is a good idea to check your tire pressure. A significant drop in temperatures between seasons can certainly affect the air pressure in our tires.

We’re not exactly finished blaming Mother Nature either. Leaves are one thing. A 130 lb. buck standing in the middle of the road is another. Yes it is rutting season. Nature’s biggest spaz is currently looking for love and determined to put on weight before a good bit of their food source disappears in the winter months. As such, they are active a good bit of the day…often in roadways. Be alert in wooded areas and make sure your brakes are in good condition.

Daylight. There is less of it every day and in a week, we are going to switch everything by one hour. Suddenly, commutes that used to be made in daylight are going to be done in the dark. What’s more is our bodies can be thrown off shortly after chances in Daylight Savings Time affecting our reaction time , reflexes, etc.

So, all that said, please slow down this time of year. And of course, take it easy on the Halloween candy, turkey and pumpkin pie.