At the beginning of each month, we are often bombarded with the news of what national month it is. And there is an observance for super important causes like heart disease and autism awareness, and slightly less critical causes like backgammon or waffles. Regardless, of the cause, often by the end of the month, no one is thinking about that cause anymore.

Today, we would like to take the opportunity to remind folks that, even though there are only a few days left in April, it is important to remember the lessons from Distracted Driving Awareness Month all year round. PA State Police as well as local departments across the nation made a joint effort to crack down on distracted driving over the last several weeks in order to raise awareness about distracted driving. too many accidents, injuries and fatalities result from this dangerous behavior behind the wheel. And all of us are guilty. From the use of mobile devices to eating, drinking and looking in a rearview mirror to check on our kids fidgeting with one another, we have all taken our eyes off the road unnecessarily a time or two…or way more.

So we implore all of you, please be honest with yourself as it pertains to your own behavior on the roadways. We can all make a difference collectively when we start with ourselves.