Let’s start with the good news which is actually great news. Driving deaths and citations for DUI were down in 2016 from the year prior. Citations for Driving Under the Influence declined from 48,896 in 2015 to 48,222 last year which is a little over a 1{51b41cfda070f97b719bc1eed7a60489278f7ee955357e57aada825d2a71dd79} drop. Steady progress is good progress when you consider that enforcement has generally risen from year to year across the Commonwealth. With more education and availability of taxis and ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, we hope to see that number dwindle for years to come.

In less exciting news, distracted driving still remains a scourge on the roadways in Pennsylvania. In fact the number of citations has increased over 50 percent since 2014. Now, you may be thinking that police officers are just citation-happy and that folks have always been distracted behind the wheel. Not so. The advent of the smart phone, specifically full screen phones such as iPhones and Android devices have lead to a higher rate of distracted driving than ever before. Texts, phone calls, facebook updates and more are leading not only to citations, but also crashes and deaths on PA roadways. What’s worse is that our area is not doing so well in comparison to other parts of the state. ¬†Montgomery ranked first in citations in the state with Philadelphia County coming in third:

Montgomery County – 1,258 Citations
Philadelphia County – 1,126 Citations
Chester County – 694 Citations
Bucks County – 671 Citations
Delaware County – 535 Citations