By now, if you are like most drivers throughout Garnet Valley and West Chester, you are probably tired of the gaping craters marking local roadways that we only kindly refer to as potholes. These teeth rattling nasties can range from mere nuisance to downright dangerous. Now that we are past that season of ice and snow, it is about time you visited the team at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford for a wheel alignment. Chances are all of those potholes have altered your vehicle’s alignment over the many winter months. If your car is pulling to on side or the steering wheel is tilted one way or another when your car is going straight, you should have your alignment checked by a professional.

If your car has a shimmy in the steering wheel, that is actually more likely a bent rim or a bulge in a tire. This is also a maintenance issue that should be seen to immediately by a professional mechanic.

We hope all if you are enjoying these first few weeks of spring and look forward to serving all of your automotive needs throughout the year.