Yes, pollen. As any allergy sufferer will tell you, the end of winter and beginning of spring can be a difficult time as pollen is seemingly everywhere. It’s on our clothing, countertops and even seems to yellow window screens in our homes. It also provides a nasty yellow film all over our cars, trucks and SUVs. Much of this pollen comes from the trees we park under or nearly under when the wind is blowing. Conifers here in the northeastern US account for much of the pollen that makes us sneeze and wheeze.

But, did you know it can do a number on your vehicle’s paint?

Yup, it sure can. Chances are good that after a season of winter driving, your vehicle could use a thorough wash and wax anyway. The best offense is a good defense in this case. If you apply a coat of wax this time of year and wash regularly throughout the remainder of the season, your car should be in pretty good shape to withstand the worst of what pollen can do to your paint. An added bonus is that all of the pollen that washes off of your car has less of an opportunity to get into your ventilation system and attack your sinuses through your AC system!