It’s a 7-day forecast with wall to wall 90+ degree days as far as the eye can see. Back in a snowy/rainy March, we were desperate for some warm temps, and they are certainly showing up and bringing friends! If you find that your AC systems is a lot of Air without the Conditioning, then you need to see the professionals at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford!


Your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system is complex, in that, when it stops performing optimally, there are a number of potential reasons.¬† There are numerous of hoses, wires, seals, switches and chemicals that must operate properly in order for you to feel that welcomed cool air on your skin as you make your way throughout the Delaware Valley.

So when your car loses its cool breeze, what’s to blame? Here are the top culprits:

  • Damaged evaporator or condenser
  • Malfunctioning¬†blower motor
  • Failed compressor or compressor clutch
  • Vacuum leak
  • Failed fuse, relay, switch or control module
  • Freon leak caused by a compromised hose or seal
  • Clog in tube or hose

As with many systems in your car, tuck or SUV, you should have your vehicle checked out at the first sign of failure. This is because smaller issues can be easy to solve for a Quick Lane technician (and often easy for you to pay for), we recommend you make an appointment as soon as things seem off in your vehicle. If left unchecked, small issues can grow into larger issues as part failure can turn into system failure.

All of us at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford want you and your family to enjoy your time on the roads this summer. If any part of your car is not running at peak performance, stop by our shop today or call for an appointment so we can get you moving in the right direction!