Remember, with Halloween only a couple days away, and Trick or Treating events scheduled differently community by community, it is important to keep your eyes peeled for little ghosts and goblins all week. Don’t forget, a lot of Halloween masks do not allow for great peripheral vision so do not assume that trick or treaters can see you as you navigate your way through your neighborhood this week.

Speaking of scary things that might not see you, it’s that time of the year again to pay special close attention for deer on our highways and back roads. They are simply everywhere right now and will be for another month or so. Pennsylvania has had one of the highest rates of deer strike for as long as insurance companies and AAA have kept such records, and that is likely never going to change. As with most other driving challenges, our best advice is to slow down and pay attention when you are behind the wheel. What should you do if a deer jumps out in front of you?

1. Avoid swerving. You are more likely to hit something else like a tree or guardrail when swerving at speed. Of deer, tree or guardrail, most insurance agents would also advise you to hit the deer.

2. If your vehicle isn’t disabled after hitting the deer, get to a safe place before you report it. This might be a driveway, a parking lot or the next exit, if you’re on the interstate.

3. If your vehicle is disabled, move it to the side of the road if you can. Use your hazard lights, call police.

Please be safe out there during the Fall driving season from all of us at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford.