The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for all of SE Pennsylvania, as well as parts of New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware.  All of us at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford stress safety both in and outside of our shop. So please, if you encounter a flooded roadway in your travels this weekend, Turn Around – Don’t Drown

Flash Flood Facts

  • Six inches of water can cause loss of vehicle control.
  • One foot of water will float a vehicle.
  • Two feet of rushing water can carry almost any passenger vehicle away, including trucks and SUVs.

Do not attempt to drive through a flooded roadway. Water depths may not always be obvious. Furthermore the roadway beneath the water may be washed away partially or entirely.

Do not drive around barricades. Barricades are put in place for the protection of drivers as well as emergency personnel who may be working further up the road.

All of us at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford urge caution when summer weather hits! Please be safe and have a fun summer!