It has been a summer filled with weather related vehicle service here at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford. We served drivers who put thousands of miles on their vehicles over the summer. We also served drivers who put thousands of miles on their windshield wipers, too! Seriously, before we go any further, let us all hope for a dry, sunny October.

We are starting to see a smattering of cool temps and lower dew points, and boy, have we earned it! We welcome the cooler nights, Fall festivals, football games and homecoming weekends that this season brings. It’s a great time of year that means more than just pumpkins spiced everything (not that we don’t enjoy a latte or two between now and Thanksgiving).

For your vehicle, it can often mean checking brakes, tires and frankly any system associated with the stopping of the vehicle. As we often remind customers throughout the season, there is much to watch for on the roads throughout the Delaware Valley! And with wet leaves doing us no favors, it is best to make sure your vehicle is in proper condition to execute a quick stop if need be. As the days get shorter, we are also afforded less light to help us see animals and even bicyclists and joggers on the sides of country roads and main streets alike. Indeed, making sure your headlights are in full working order is not a bad idea either as we head toward winter.

Whatever your auto service need this October, Please come see us at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford. Remember also, that we are currently performing PA State Inspections for expirations in Months: 10, 11 and 12.