Here at Quick Lane at Garnet Ford, we would never intentionally try to scare our customers, not even going into Halloween weekend. Boo! (Did we get you?)

However, we would like to offer a friendly reminder that the coming weeks present more than a handful of potential challenges when navigating the roadways of Chester and Delaware Counties. You may have noticed recently that the number of deer carcasses on roads like Rt. 202, 352, 926 or Baltimore Pike has gone through the roof. It’s rutting season for deer this time of year. In short, they are mating and a little crazy. What is worse is that given the drop in temps and the coming scarcity in available food with the winter on the way, these deer are on the move. This means they are crossing roads, usually with little regard for what is happening to their immediate left or right. Please be extra careful as you are out and about over these next few weeks as their darkened coats tend to blend right into the surroundings of the season.

This weekend marks not only Halloween (drive safe in the neighborhoods this Saturday afternoon and evening), but also the end of Daylight Saving Time. Each spring and fall as we set our clocks forward or back (respectively), the number of accidents due to fatigue is elevated in the week or two that follows. It make sense if you think about it. As a nation, we are all going to or coming home from work at a time to which our bodies have yet to adjust. As such, be aware and give those around you a bit more space especially for braking.