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brake inspections, installations, and more in west chester, pa

Your brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety feature. They may be stopping your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean they’re working their best. In order to stop your vehicle safely, brakes are designed to slowly wear as you use them. That’s why regular maintenance of your brake system is so important. Quick Lane at Garnet Ford is ready to provide quality service while you wait. We offer high-quality brake products and brake fluid.  Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to diagnose any potential problems with your vehicle’s brakes as well as the parts on hand to make any necessary repairs and replacements and we invite you to schedule an appointment today.

How to spot worn brakes – when to replace or repair

The more you use them, the faster they wear out. Your brake pads or shoes are designed to keep the metal of your calipers from grinding against – and damaging – the metal of your rotors. This is not a built-in flaw, but simply a result of brakes working normally and safely. If you’re hearing a grinding or squeaking noise, it’s time for an inspection. 

Look and listen. Then stop by Quick Lane at Garnet Ford if you notice:

  • Squeaking or grinding
  • A burning odor
  • A hard-to-press or “squishy” pedal
  • Shuddering or vibration in your steering wheel
  • Rusting or flaking in your brakes or rotors
  • Your brake system warning light goes on


Brakes are often described according to several characteristics including:

  • Fade– As a brake heats, it may become less effective, called brake fade. Some designs are inherently prone to fade, while other designs are relatively immune. Further, use considerations, such as cooling, often have a big effect on fade.
  • Smoothness– A brake that is grabby, pulses, has chatter, or otherwise exerts varying brake force may lead to skids. For example, railroad wheels have little traction, and friction brakes without an anti-skid mechanism often lead to skids, which increases maintenance costs and leads to a “thump thump” feeling for riders inside.
  • Pedal feel– Brake pedal feel encompasses subjective perception of brake power output as a function of pedal travel. Pedal travel is influenced by the fluid displacement of the brake and other factors.
  • Drag– Brakes have varied amount of drag in the off-brake condition depending on design of the system to accommodate total system compliance and deformation that exists under braking with ability to retract friction material from the rubbing surface in the off-brake condition.
  • Durability– Friction brakes have wear surfaces that must be renewed periodically. Wear surfaces include the brake shoes or pads, and also the brake disc or drum. There may be tradeoffs, for example a wear surface that generates high peak force may also wear quickly

Did you know a number of manufactures recommend Brake Fluid flushes or Fluid replacements? Quick lane at Garnet ford can help!

In today’s environment it’s more important to change brake fluid more frequently. Quick Lane at Garnet Ford can help with our machine that can flush old fluid and replace it with the finest quality BG fluid.
BG Brake Fluid Flush Service will quickly remove air, moisture, and the contaminated, oxidized and corroded brake fluid from the entire brake system, and will replace it with new BG Ultra-Dry Flushing Formula Brake Fluid® (PN 84032M or 85032M). New anti-lock brake systems (ABS) are very sensitive to fluid deterioration. Furthermore, deposits and varnish buildups may lead to serious malfunction of the brake system. Hence, the Brake Service Center (PN PF7) will perform brake fluid exchange, and will bleed high-tech brake systems in all vehicles including the newest generation of hybrid vehicles that require higher pressure to bleed the regenerative braking system.

BG Brake Fluid Flush Service Benefits:

  • Removes and replaces old, oxidized brake fluid with new fluid
  • Keeps vehicle’s brake operation safe
  • Increases the efficiency of brake system
  • Helps prevent costly break down and prolongs the life of the brake hydraulic system
  • Prevents brake lines from blowing out.

At Quick Lane our experts can help keep you and your family safe as you travel the local roadways in Delaware or Chester County.

Our ASE Certified Technicians Specialize in the Following:

  • Brake inspections
  • Brake installation
  • Brake replacement
  • Brake repair service
  • Brake fluid replacement

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