This wacky winter is finally ending and it is time to start thinking spring in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Along with baseball season and longer days comes driving season and longer trips. It is a fact that we all drive more in warmer months. So, what are you doing to make sure your vehicle is ready for  Spring and Summer driving?

Be sure to have your car’s cooling system checked. Problems with your car’s radiator and cooling system can mean an immediate and unpleasant end to any trip, long or short.

This is the season of April showers. It’s a good time of the year to make sure that your wipers are functioning properly and if replacements need to be made, it is best to do so before wet weather hits the Philadelphia area.

Tires. Every season is a good season to have your tires checked. Fall and Winter offer leaves and snow. Spring and Summer bring driving rains and longer drives. Make sure you have your tire tread depth checked so that your vehicle is riding safely on the road.

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