AAA has released a report on the driving habits and opinions of American drivers. The news is not great. On one hand, it would appear that many folks disapprove of texting while driving, speeding and driving under the influence. However, it would appear that nearly just as many folks are engaging in these same behaviors:

Red Light Running: 93.5 percent of drivers view it as unacceptable to drive through a
traffic light that just turned red when they could have stopped safely; however more than 1
in 3 drivers (38.7{51b41cfda070f97b719bc1eed7a60489278f7ee955357e57aada825d2a71dd79}) admit doing this in the past month.

Speeding (10+ mph) on residential streets: nearly half of all drivers (45.0{51b41cfda070f97b719bc1eed7a60489278f7ee955357e57aada825d2a71dd79}) say they
have driven 10 mph over the speed limit on a residential street in the past month. There is
greater social disapproval for speeding on a residential street than on the freeway (88.6{51b41cfda070f97b719bc1eed7a60489278f7ee955357e57aada825d2a71dd79}
versus 74.1{51b41cfda070f97b719bc1eed7a60489278f7ee955357e57aada825d2a71dd79})

Texting/emailing: 77.4 percent of drivers say it is a very serious threat to safety, and 80.6
percent say it is completely unacceptable; however, more than a third (42.3{51b41cfda070f97b719bc1eed7a60489278f7ee955357e57aada825d2a71dd79}) read a text or
email while driving in the past 30 days, and nearly a third (31.3{51b41cfda070f97b719bc1eed7a60489278f7ee955357e57aada825d2a71dd79}) typed one

Drowsy driving: 47.8 percent say it is a very serious threat, 83.2 percent say it is
completely unacceptable, yet 31.5 percent of drivers have done it in the past month

We encourage all of you to drive safely on our roads. We are all guilty of some of these things at some point. Any behavior that any of us can improve is a huge win.