As we head into August, it is not uncommon to take a second look at your summer bucket list in order to determine what your family can realistically squeeze in before the school year starts back up. One last trip to the beach? Absolutely. That’s the sort of feel August should have. After all, there is only so much back-to-school shopping our kids (and our credit card) can endure. What responsible behavior we do mix into our waning summer fun is all geared towards prepping our home and our heads for the post-Labor Day mentality. Back to school butterflies. New teachers. New schedules. Less daylight. It can be as enjoyable as it is hectic, but it certainly does not come with a ton of extra time to get things done.

This is why we urge drivers to take care of oil changes, tire rotations and PA State Inspections during the month of August. For starters, your vehicle has already seen its share long trips, hot traffic jams and summer storms in the last couple months. With a few more of all of those left in the next four weeks, now is a good time to allow one of our techs to check that your vehicle’s systems are in proper working order. And, if you are due for scheduled maintenance in the next couple months, we recommend scheduling your appointment sooner than later as all of our schedules tend to tighten up once the kids go back to school.

At Quick Lane at Garnet Ford, we make it our mission to serve all of our customers the very best we can. Whether you make it in this month or next, we remind you to check out some of the most valuable offers in the business in order to save money on your next visit! All of us here at the shop hope you have a wonderful summer and look forward to serving you as we inch towards Fall!